A Crystal Table Unlike Any Other

crystal series_table

I’m all for shiny, transparent furniture and fell in love immediately when looking at this new series by designer Sae-rom Yoon. Each piece in the Crystal Series is made from dyed acrylic resin. Sae-rom Yoon wanted to keep the pieces looking as natural and as close to the look of crystal as possible, therefore each piece was dyed at the surface, while maintaining a natural feel.

During the process of gluing the pieces together, the dyed surfaces stick together after being melted creating a natural blending of colors. This in turn makes the dyed pieces mesh together naturally creating the illusion of distortions through refraction and reflection as well as forming different gradients, all while keeping the crystal-like transparency with its natural color. Each modern, Crystal Series Table measures 400 x 400 x 420 mm and come in a pink with purple tones design, as well as a pink with light blue and purple tones design. Absolutely stunning, and I’ll take one of each.

Designer: Sae-rom Yoon

crystal series_table2

crystal series_table3

crystal series_table4

crystal series_table5

crystal series_table6

crystal series_table7