Wooden craftsmanship and computer parametric design come together in this nature inspired furniture design

Designers strive for symmetry whereas nature celebrates it. But nature takes the cake in the way by which asymmetry is also a thing of beauty. What am I speaking of? The Flip chair and its inspiration taken from the feel of sitting on the wind-strewn grass. An intriguing concept and an even more intriguing result!

As Chen explains, “Translating the concept into a design vocabulary, we decided to use “flip” as the main axis. Through the flip, the bent wood is made to flow through gradual changes and generate vitality.
Finally, the 3D model was drawn by GH to simulate various gradient states and output the detailed design.” The process of steam bending wood is a difficult process already, and the thickness of this piece of wood makes it even more trying. Given multiple trials and repeats, each piece of wood is bent in a unique way and the result is a chair that is also handmade and unique.

The project was developed with the support of National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI). By showcasing a combination of craftsmanship and computer parametric design, the answer is a texture inspired chair design that is a fun and aesthetically pleasing addition to our home with a story to tell!

Designer: Chen Kuan Cheng