Airy Airy, Quite Contrary


What do you do when it’s polluted outdoors? You stay indoors. Science will have you know, however, that indoor air isn’t as pure as you think it is. There are a lot of household objects that tend to emit fumes that aren’t visible to the human eye. They may not be large in their quantities, but given how we spend 80% of our time indoors, they add up. Electronics, plastics, even building materials… anything that isn’t natural or organic, tends to emit chemicals into the air. Now I don’t mean to go all conspiracy-theorist on you, but they say having a house garden is the best way to ensure you breathe completely natural, healthy air. The Airy is a planter designed for that very purpose.

You see, while photosynthesis ensures that the leaves absorb CO2 to create ‘plant food’ and sustain themselves, the roots of the plant actually absorb chemicals and minerals, both in-soil and airborne. The Airy is an innovative planter designed to expose as much of the root of a plant to the air, giving it the capacity to purify over 40 cubic meters of air in a given day. That, my friend, is a LOT! Not to mention, a nice little plant always brightens up the place, doesn’t it?

Designer: Amilios Grohmann

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