The two cool Stool!


Design for compact living may just begin to pick up as a full fledged design movement. The XX Stool does two things apart from being a seating device. It folds into a slim profile, making it easy to store away. It also employs a structure that is not just sturdy, it’s pretty too. Built around a philosophy of duality, the stool uses two V shaped pipes to keep it in its expanded position. The two pipes however, overlap in a certain way that allows them to look like two X’s. The stool’s design is built around this beautiful illusion!

The XX framework also allows one to store certain items under the seat of the stool, and moreover, if you haven’t noticed just yet. The stool’s design is completely reversible! You can prop the stool on its head or even on its base! There you go with the duality again!

Designer: Emre Kayganaci