Perfect for your paper route!


Here’s a DIY crafts project that’s worthy of being on a design blog. The Paper Push is a scooter made out of easily procurable materials, primarily newspaper, PVC pipes and fittings, and metal fasteners. The design boasts of being sturdy enough to rival scooters made of metal. The most interesting parts of the scooter (and what really caught my eye) are however, the tires. Made from a paper rolling and folding technique known as Tutki, the tires look beautifully rustic, but at the same time manage to take on a great deal of stress, resisting wear and tear to quite an extent. I’d love to see the application of this in more green design or rural design scenarios! What do you know, maybe NASA may even engineer something using this technique that may be fit for space travel! Thoughts, Yanko family?

Designer: Arjun Agarwal