For those of you you who struggle to live in the moment, here is a unique chance for you to do so. Forget about the early bird offers or free registrations, TODAY – if you act upon your yearning to be one of those distinct designers or design studio or manufacturer to join the league of Red Dot Awards: Design Concept winners, head over here and submit your design before it’s too late! What is the point of sitting on innovative product concepts that are not yet produced or ready to launch products; submit your ideas and who knows we could end up meeting in Singapore soon.


Clearly there are many benefits of winning a Red Dot Award, and as a person who has experienced and shared the delight of winners from across the globe, trust me this is one feather in your cap that you really want. There are so many success stories of winners taking their ideas a step further and getting them to see the light of the day.


Who would have thought that the problem-solving idea of making texting easy while it rains, could make a mobile service provider from South Korea win a Red Dot! Phone-brella by KT (designed by Lim Jaehee and Cho Yonu). I caught up with the design team at the Singapore awarding ceremony last year – their PR Team was in full form – the duo explained how the insight that many people text using two hands, inspired them to design an umbrella with a unique handle. The C-shape allows users to balance the umbrella stick on the shoulder and then walk hand-free to text on their smartphone! Initially the umbrellas were distributed for free, but now you can buy them off Amazon.



Another inspiring story that I picked up from the Singapore event, was that of Leila Rose Faddoul. This woman has it all sorted – imagine one piece of garment that can transform to a tee shirt, to a travel bag to pants! In short, using the buttons and tie strings, this clever attire can be transformed into 20 completely different outfits! Say hello to the Tee Pant!


To be honest, I was completely floored by the Boostrac Tyre concept. This Luminary Award winner has tread and spokes that are structured to use repetitive forms. I spoke to the main designer, who is a student from Pforzheim University, Germany, and was impressed to know that Hankooktire Co., Ltd gave the designers a free hand to come up with the main concept. The tyre can be assembled by several tens of blocks, each one manufactured by using a common mould. The design reduces manufacturing costs through the use of a modular manufacturing configuration, and lowers the consumer’s cost burden. Oh Ho Kyung, Kang Seung Koo, Choi Yoon Jin, Samir Sadikhov and Prof. James Kelly were a part of this concept.


Another concept that caught my attention was FORTIS human-powered exoskeleton system. It is designed to reduce metabolic burn rate, which is a key factor in fatigue. The design literally takes the weight of shipbuilders’ tools off their shoulders and transferring it to the ground. ROBRADY design’s Rob Brady spoke quite passionately about the design accomplishment and how it helps in elevating the working conditions for ship builders. Others in the team include: Jeff Nichols, Erik Holmen, Ryan Donahue, Steve MacFarlane, Joel Chartier Lockheed Martin and Keith Maxwell.


The reason why I am showcasing this story for you now is that it isn’t too late to participate: 18th May is when submissions close and you can read up the many reasons why the independent jury and evaluation process has so much of value. Make good of this Sunday / early Monday morning!