Bringing art and cutlery together again


In the world of fast food and doorstep deliveries, we lose out on some of the small beautiful things. My house now has more plastic spoons than actual cutlery, which seems a little sad. Gone are the days of ornate silverware, that became heirlooms after fulfilling their purpose. The days of handcrafted cutlery are, sadly, a thing of the past. Designers Akanksha Rathore & Shreelekha Lakshmipathy realized that there may still be hope.

Dhatu means element in Sanskrit, and is used also as a synonym for metal. The Dhatu collection of cutlery features a range of handmade brassware by the craftsmen of Reha, a small but culturally rich village in Gujarat, India. The design opts for a more indigenous approach, rather than an ornate one, giving the cutlery a beautiful antique charm; and with the use of Brass, it just adds to the magic.

Designers: Akanksha Rathore & Shreelekha Lakshmipathy.