A Razor fit for a Sith Lord

Here’s a design that is seriously a result of blood, sweat, and tears. With over a year of research and development behind it, the Oneblade is touted as the best shaving experience you can get. The designers at Pensa endured cuts, razorburns, and overall feelings of discomfort to build the Oneblade. Made completely out of metal with no cheap plastic parts, the Oneblade feels heavy to hold, giving your hand a certain steadiness. Teflon coated springs and a precise construction positions the blade in such an intricately composed way, that your shaving experience will feel like cuddling a kitten (while still being at the pinnacle of manliness, of course). The blade too, is a single edged blade made by the Japanese, and if anyone has seen even a single movie featuring a Katana, you’ll know the Japs know a good deal or two about blades.

Now how about we say goodbye to that stubble, eh?

Designer: Pensa NYC