The Medical Multi-tool


In medicine, design gives a massive amount of consideration to function. After all, someone’s life is at stake. Designing a tool that can do two things at once can sometimes buy doctors a few extra seconds and that can be enough to save a life. The DTool is a revolutionary surgical instrument that enables laparoscopic surgeons to perform surgeries with ease.

Laparoscopy (or minimally invasive surgery) is a type of surgery that poses a lesser risk to the health of the patient. However, it’s a great strain for the surgeon since they need to perform everything within a tiny incision in the body. This requires nerves of steel, and a very specific set of tools. However, changing instruments mid-surgery can be complicated. So, the DTool combines instruments together to create a Swiss Knife of M.I. Surgery. Designed to grip and to cut, these tools are operated by triggers at the gripping end of the shaft. The other end contains the gripping pincers and a cutting tool. Any doctors here? I’m sure we’d love to listen to your thoughts!

Designers: Horacio M. Pace Bedetti, Andrés Conejero Rodilla and Carlos Paulino Montero.