Watercraft for One, Please


We often think of watercraft as being for recreational use for large numbers of people but for some areas, the idea of personal watercraft is not only practical but necessary. These 3 concepts propose a new hybrid solution for getting from point A to point B via waterway. The first is focused on safety, with a canopy for sun and weather shielding. An on board lighting system makes it visible to larger vessels so it can move safely between large bodies of water and smaller channels. The second is focused on style and takes inspiration from vintage car designs. Its small size and hydrodynamics make it a functional choice for commuting while its cherry red metallic and wood combination make a head-turning statement. The third concept is an alternative to the second and takes inspiration from the aviation industry. In fact, it looks like it would be as at home in the sky as it is the water. This futuristic, single-propeller craft combines the best of functionality, style, comfort to make it an ideal touring vehicle. An enclosed glass cockpit keeps the driver safe from weather while providing panoramic views of the surrounding environment.

Designer: Arjun MM