The shy little Pacifier


Babies are adorable. However they’re a little behind in the etiquette department. Everything, regardless of where it’s been, has to visit the mouth. Which is why mothers give them pacifiers to plug that ever inquisitive pie-hole! Ask any mother and their biggest nuisance would be having to meticulously clean the pacifiers when they fall to the floor. The Doddle Pop, however, has a nifty trick up its sleeve. Literally! The pacifier, when it begins its downward descent towards the floor, the nipple retracts into a safe sleeve so that it never makes contact with the ground. The mother can just pick it up, flip the pacifier out and pop it back into le tiny human’s mouth! Made out of medical grade silicon, the Doddle Pop is a single piece design that’s safe, easy to maintain, small and convenient, and let’s not forget, just brilliantly designed!

Designers: Janna Badger, Jared Aller and Nicky Radzely.