Water see, Water do..


Technology aims at doing what humans can’t. For example, imaging a human following you into your bath. Freaky right? But the Aqualize shower does pretty much the same thing without all the creepiness. Crazy analogy aside, here’s what Aqualize is all about. For most people, a shower is another word for liberation. You dance, you chill, you break into song, you meditate. However’ it’s sad to know that your happy zone is just a 1ft. X 1ft. square.

The Aqualize gets rid of that ridiculous problem, giving your brain more space to ponder over other things. The Aqualize shower is a massive square shaped fixture. It uses sensors to detect where you are, allowing water to fall on you and follow you. This gives you a wider stage for your shower theatrics! Plus, the interface is pretty slick too!

Designer: Emamidesign









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  • Steve says:

    I’d rather have the same thing, in a smaller shape, and just stand in place, without the added tech. How big of a problem is it to stand in place rather than move around. This is a solution looking for a problem. There’s probably a much better application for this, but not in a shower where we mostly stand in place or in the same area for the duration.

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