A Slimmer 3D Printer


Creator is an innovative 3D printer than uses half the space of conventional printers yet achieves the exact same result! How? The secret is in its moving platform that travels on both an X & Y axis so the extruder unit doesn’t have to. The resulting proportions are half the width, saving space without sacrificing product quality!

Designer: Heo Seungkue









  • Pontus says:

    This is a very nice design and I hope that we will see more “outside the box” thinkers in the future. However the argument fails when you add the dust cover. A print from edge to edge will result in a movement of the platform equivalent to 2 x the length of the platform. The footprint will be larger than the conventional printers. Without the cover it is indeed smaller but you will still need the same free space on the sides of the printer when in use.

    • Heo Seungkue says:

      Thanks a good point. i will consider the case of acrylic cover more. And the build platform can be removed. So, you can use the space efficiently separated during storage.

  • sugandh says:

    Nice but as the one said it must have good designs made on it as colours attract people, make a small photocopy machine that’s more useful

  • Steven says:

    This is amazing. The clever method of moving both plateau and printing head in single dimension is a real space saver.

  • Syed says:

    A 3D printer with nearly the exact form already exists https://beeverycreative.com/3d-printers/

    • HEO SEUNGKUE says:

      Oh my god… I didn’t know. the apprearance is also similar… Thank you pointed out.

  • Matt says:

    This is an attractive consumer friendly design, but there are dozen of printers with moving beds, it’s not some sort of breakthrough.

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