Swang that Thang


For heating beverages without the need for external appliances, the R-CUP generates its own heat with a simple built-in rotating system. Within the cup lid, there is a rotating heating device. Swinging the ball drives internal rotation and generates heat to warm one’s drink. The unique swinging motion also keeps your hands from tiring!

Designer: Wang Jin



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  • Slugsie says:

    Another instance of a ‘designer’ not even bothering to do basic research. This container looks like it holds about 500ml. Lets say we start with a beverage at roughly room temperature (20c) and want to get it to 70c (not hot enough to brew tea, but sufficient for a hotish drink). If you can generate 0.3kW that will heat the water in about 6 minutes. 0.3kW is a LOT of energy. For comparison a really good cyclist can generate about 0.3kW over the course of an hour. You are *not* going to generate that much power by whirling a ball around a cup, not even close. Oh, and your hand will be exceedingly tired long before you get even close.

    If you’re going to design something like this, at least understand the basic physics behind what you want to achieve.

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