Get a Grip on Glass Water Bottles


The Meshbottle is an entirely plastic-free, non-metallic water bottle that locks beverages in glass from top to bottom. All components are made from high quality glass or food-safe silicone. One of the main features of the Meshbottle is that it is very easy to clean: The cap disassembles quickly and can be turned inside out to access hard-to-reach areas. Since silicone is an inert material it pevents the formation of mold and bacteria inside the cap. The protective mesh sleeve was designed with a 360-degree, full body, interlocking pattern for increased elasticity, which makes it easy to remove and reapply. The inside of the bottle is 99.9% glass, which prevents the bottle from retaining odors, and prevents the leaching of plastic chemicals into beverages.

Designer: Gabor Kocsis