Bus-stand meets airport


Yes, I know, Public Transport’s not the classiest means of getting from A to B, but hey, could someone at least give us a place to wait for public transport that isn’t just a roof on four vertical columns? Designer Yan Feng felt pretty much the same way, so he designed the Rainbow Intelligent Bus Station, a bus-stop that’s so dapper, you’d rather just sit there and watch buses drive by.

Equipped with the finest, the Rainbow Bus Station runs on Solar Power (probably the best place to harness it, judging by how hot it gets around roads) and provides commuters with services like WiFi, GPS, etc. Now why doesn’t someone just put this thing on wheels?!

Designer: Yan Feng







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  • Stephen Russell says:

    For all Airports alone or select ones, nice design & fluid.
    Mass produce.
    Must for LAX LA CA, SFO, airports alone.
    Local airports can adapt Bus stop for more after locating

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