A holistic dental solution that looks as good as you

Despite us interacting with the humble toothbrush twice each day, its design is often overlooked or dismissed. TOOBRU is here to change this, as it injects elements of thoughtful and considered design into the mundane product. A minimalistic approach to the design language has led to clean and well-put together oral hygiene instrument; the bulky form, satin finishes and strong curves create a confident aesthetic that proudly sits within the bathroom.

In addition to the toothbrush itself, TOOBRU also includes a tongue cleaner. These two heads can be quickly and easily interchanged, each residing within their own plastic cover when not in use. Not only does this plastic cover offer a location for storing the components, but also creates a barrier against bacteria in the air! To complete the product family is a holder, which, in addition to providing a place for the device to stand, it also catches the excess water that flows from the toothbrush after use, therefore keeping the bathroom tidy!

Designer: Onurhan Demir