Modern Man’s Must-have Wallet

Imossi combines style and practicality for the guy who’s serious about his accessories! Cut from a single, solid sheet of aluminum, it’s lighter, thinner and more durable than traditional wallets. With a matte black finish it looks as smooth as butter, but you can make it all your own with interchangeable bands. Better yet, it’s even been designed to easily crack open a cold one. DO WANT.

Designer: Imossi





  • Etherealicer says:

    To me this is NOT a wallet, it’s a card-holder. A wallet should also have room for money and maybe a key.

    The modern man now carries 37 items designed to open a brew and about 185 more that work fine at that. Seriously, a cap-lifter is the most useless function you can add to anything. Why? Because everybody has already added one… I first thought its a whistle, now that would have been something new.

    Since I rather consider this a card-holder than a wallet I would also compare it to the traditional card box.
    – The iMossi card-holder might be very durable, it does not protect your cards. Especially business cards made of paper will look horrible in no time.
    – You cannot search through your cards, but have to take them out.

  • Slugsie says:

    Would be useless to me. I like having my cards inside a wallet to protect them from getting damaged. I also have things like a spare key, money (both paper and coins), and a condom (you never know!).

    I also don’t need yet another thing for opening a beer bottle. Seriously, what man can’t open a beer bottle already with the things he is normally carrying anyway?

  • sachin says:

    Designer had given thoughts to this, and yes definitely distinct.
    But eventually, this is not wallet for most people.
    May be a collection of cards(not even card wallet, as it should allow easy traversing amongst cards too) Not even a Can opener (as it is too big for just that purpose). But keep the great work up.. 🙂

  • Edgar says:

    Great for Game Day!

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