Rebreathe Underwater

ORB is a diving helmet that uses a modern technology called “rebreathing” to recycle your own oxygen in order to breathe underwater. While most scuba equipment is heavy, bulky and uncomfortable, the lightweight unit is compact and easier to move with. The result is a relaxed and enhanced diving experience. Better yet, it’s equipped with built-in Bluetooth to communicate with other divers and socialize in the underwater environment.

Designer: Thomas Winship


  • stephen russell says:

    Test in Hawaii, Caribbean, PR, Mexico, Australia, under icepack, salvage dives, Costeau Fdn divers, USCG divers alone
    & awesome, now I can snorkel minus the snorkel
    Mass produce.

  • Christopher Gu says:

    How exactly does this “rebreathing” technique work?

    • Thomas winship says:

      Using a sealed mouth piece the breath you produce goes through small scrubbers taking out the carbon dioxide and then a mix of oxygen and nitrogen is inserted to top up you recycled oxygen allowing a more efficient dive.

  • Slugsie says:

    I’ve never found SCUBA gear to be that uncomfortable, but it is bulky sure. Traditional rebreathers are also still fairly bulky, because the gear needed to scrub and restore gas is bulky. You also still need a compressed gas cylinder for buoyancy purposes. I’m guessing the ‘designer’ isn’t a qualified diver.

    Oh, and bluetooth for underwater comms? Yet another example of a designer without a clue. Bluetooth has practically zero range in water.

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