Mood Lighting + Art = Amazemuffin!

What do you call art that glows? IlluminARTi! Now that I have that joke out of my system, let’s marvel the beauty that is irradiating artistry. Born out of the need to create something truly beautiful and worthy of being the perfect gift; coupled with the want to gracefully blend art and tech, the Kauza is an illuminating illustration on the outside. On the inside it’s a complex network of sensors, modules, and lights, creating a lovely interactive art-piece that is most definitely most unique gift you can give, or will receive.

Wait. What are the sensors for? The sensors are what set Kauza apart. You can programme your art to light up as a result of any action. Perhaps a visual alarm clock, or a motion sensing ambient light. The possibilities are limitless!

[youtube: 600 451]

If you’re throwing money at your screen expecting to buy a Kauza (like me), technology hasn’t reached that far yet, but I’ll make things easier for you. Head down to Kickstarter and fund the Kauza, and you get a variant of your choice with respect to the amount you pledge (with lots of love!).

Designer: Kauza [ But it Here ]

[youtube: 600 451]