Your Very Own Light Drone

The Walkalight drone is a lighting exploration that merges quadcopter and smart sensor tech to create the ultimate in personal illumination. The air-filled orb is designed to levitate above the user like a street lamp and uses motion sensors to following their movements. Users can also control different features using verbal and gestural commands. It’s perfect for everything from nighttime walks to getting the right selfie lighting! See it in action —>

Designer: Jaka Plešec


  • nope says:

    gaahahaha! so convenient! the designer just writes kinect on the image and suddenly the drone acquires microsoft’s patented image sensing and decoding technology.!! some people are really daft, i tell you.

  • Advisorboard says:

    Renderings and video-simulations does not a product make. This could have actually been a better product by putting LEDs around a helium filled balloon. Too tech intensive for a lighting solution.

  • Jelle says:

    Kinect! ROTFL!

  • Alaor says:

    The new ROFLcopter!

    This reminds me that silly things
    that appear often on red dot awards.

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