Sodium Tracking Made Easy

For dieters watching their salt intake, the Mr.Sam smart accessory is all you need to make cutting back easy. A built in ion sensor tests the salinity of foods so you can make smart choices. Better yet, the design works in tandem with an app on your smartphone that tracks your daily intake and even coaches you on meal planning and healthier food options.

Designer: Joongu Kim


  • Alexei says:

    Uhhhh. I’ll just put up a note on my fridge telling me to watch my salt intake, thank you.

  • Davide says:

    Hahahaha Alexei!!! I was going to say the exact same thing!

  • Dr. Sangam says:

    This is a very unilinear approach. People need to watch their sugar intake too. Not to mention in india, people need to also maintain a steady diet and not have a high ghee, oil intake. Salt is a very small part of the problem.
    There is also the situation of allergies. People have lactose intolerance, allergy to nuts, etc. That would be a much better scenario. And a life saving one too.

  • Lee says:

    really?!?! does this world need smart-spoons now?!???

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