Wheelbarrow Or Handcart?

Alteration Wheel Barrow is a clever design that transforms the regular wheelbarrow (featuring a single wheel) to a handcart-esque design, by simply splitting the main wheel into two. This action makes it manageable to push and transport the load to its destination.

Designers: Bosoon Sang, Park Jin Kyeong and Kim Kun Hyung


  • Latouffe says:

    WTF ? what kind of students can propose such a nonsensical design ?
    From a mechanical point of view, it is just plain stupid …

  • Big Bad Wolfe says:

    Even after transformation its still a wheelbarrow. A handcart’s wheel structure and positioning is different. This is a really silly idea. Latouffe is right.

  • Jaja says:

    Besides, those inward tilted handles are going to be absolute torture for your wrists!!!! Dislike!!

  • Tokitoki says:

    Hand carts generally have larger volume of area for storage. This is just a 2 wheeled wheel-barrow ja?

  • Latouffe says:

    OK, to be more constructive :
    – in the “open” position, the wheels won’t be parallel. You just won’t be able to push this diverging design, which doesn’t know which path you want to follow…
    – the “gyroscope” (actually nothing like a gyroscope, see WP for that) is just a free moving bucket who should, God knows how, self equilibrate. If you transport liquids with your wheelbarrow, it could work (actually, it just won’t…).
    If you transport anything else, it will be a pure pain in the ass to control, as it will be, at worse, moving and shaking brutally in all directions, and, at best, stick on one side and won’t “gyroscope” at all.

    My question is then, what type of university, high school, teachers, accept such submissions ? Prototypes would help, no pure CGI design.

    What does “yanko” stand for in yankodesign.com?
    If it means “joke” or something approaching in a language i don’t know, then OK, my mistake, i didn’t get it. Ha Ha.

  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce & bigger for the US alone
    Many markets for.

  • Sagar says:

    You should look at Ball-barrow, simple yet clever design.

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