It’s a Harley Davidson Camera!

As support business, we have seen many automotive companies take to product design and fashion to expand their horizons. It comes as no surprise that someone would put Harley Davidson under the scanner and team it up to a camera. So, this is the result of the “decoding” mission – using the brand’s DNA to imagine what a camera would look like, if Harley Davidson were to produce them.

Designer: David Bull


  • Jorge says:

    Haha! Even the mock-up models in the image are renders!! Very clever!
    But on the whole, very desirable! I would buy one…

  • Nika says:

    Jorge, how can you tell?

  • Stavros says:

    I am LOVING the kick-start shutter release idea!!!!
    Plus it looks very harley-ish. Wish this actually existed.

  • Jorge says:

    Nika. Because of the lighting. It is very obvious. And it looks too CAD modeled. Too perfect.

  • Sven says:

    Hi. I am Sven from Munich. I like this camera’s form alot. But there is no portfolio link in this post.

  • Mark K. says:

    Does it leak light instead of oil?

  • Nika says:

    hahaha! as long as it doesn’t leak the photos I am fine!

  • I especially love the first two concepts. They look absolutely wonderfully quirky. Third concept is okay. I don’t want to put my iPad with magazine

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