In Case Of Fire – Get Air Pocket

One of the main causes of death during a fire-related emergency is not burns but asphyxiations from gas. The Air Pocket is a device that purifies the air by processing the poisonous air and converting it to safe-to-breathe air. The rescue team simply needs to throw in a bunch of the Air Pocket balls and let them do their job!

Designers: Seam Lee and Young Jo In


  • stephen russell says:

    mass produce, worldwide demand for.

  • Sarang Sheth says:

    Looks like a wonderful concept!
    An air purifier used in a much needed scenario.
    However, is it designed to withstand temperatures and flames??
    Plus with that dense smoke, would anyone be able to locate an LED Light?

  • Dom says:

    Fire uses oxygen as fuel, with more pure air in the system the fire get worse!!

    Great idea, but i think maybe a different application would be better, perhaps a biological attack or something along that line.

  • Love Love Love! Yanko should put this on CKIE Store!

  • jonackisme says:

    1) the main reason for asfixiation = C02.If you simply filter the smoke particles, you’ll still be dead. If you invent the way to simply and massively filter C02 out of the atmosphere, you’re a future billionnaire.

    2)don’t know if you’ve been in a fire, but with the roaring gas convection your typical house fire creates, you’d need a serious turbine (several tens of m³/minute) to be able to maintain a stable gas pocket around your sphere

    3) if you allow people to breathe better, you merely feed the fire…

  • Joline S. Arnold says:

    Yes, This air purifier is great to use. I have purchased it from amazon and now it is working properly with no issue.

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