Take That Sh*t Somewhere Else

Cleaning up after your dog is a tough pill to swallow but anyone who has ever stepped in a pile of steaming crap knows it’s a necessary evil. Make those ugly moments in life a little better with humor. Dog Poo bags comes in 16 recyclable options, each with a humorous or ironic print. Love the idea but why not step it up and go for biodegradable too? Get it from Designspray.com. 12,90 € for 16 bags.

Designer: Jungeschachtel


  • Tom says:

    Having the little scoop is a god send. It never occurred to me that it would be 'hot' when having to pick it up through a bag when cleaning up after a friends dog. Put me off getting one for life.

  • Derrick says:

    Hmm… hope my comment could help u bit more about it.

    This design only works for dogs who poop on 1 SPOT without moving around and on FLAT GROUND…

    on the other hand, this means that u haven't had much experience with dogs yet.
    As i am working in a pet store, I've experience dog shitting MOSTLY on grass not on flat concrete floors and that I've met dogs whom will poo and take a few steps and do their dung again leaving trails… Last but not least… the worst case scenario is that they diarrhea and moving around doing it on the grass patch making it even harder to dig it out.

    So… i hope this could give u a better design on about poop picking yea? other then i had to say, plastic bags are still the best YET…

  • f.b says:

    They have dog poop bags labelled "Shit happens" and "Doggy Style" yet nothing about the word 'bitches'

    Nice idea, nonetheless.

  • Miles says:

    Seen it many years ago, they have it in Japan.

  • Miles says:

    Seen it many years ago, they have it in Japan.

  • krim turbo says:

    Izin berkunjung gan.. blognya bagus banget,
    mungkin bisa mampir juga ke blog ane

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