Whiskey Minus The Rocks

You already know it cause you taste the difference every time, beverages with a ton of ice get diluted quick and taste drab. The Chilling Sipstick is an innovation that hopes to set things straight. The device is a digital stick and you can set its temperature and the cooling panel on the front side helps maintain the same coolness till the last drop. The design also uses the kinetic energy of the pendulum embedded in the inside of the stick to power it. Love it!

Designers: Seung Hwan Roh, Chan Jae Joh, Yeon Ho Chu and Na Rae Park


  • zippyflounder says:

    Neat idea, but I am dubious on how much cooling can be done with this device. The superconduction is not a panacea, you have to move btu’s and that not only takes energy from the battery but a decent heat sink to the atmosphere. Keep up the good work, but physics is important too.

  • george says:

    neat idea….but like zippyflounder says…physics is important too!

  • Christian says:

    Thanks for the genius idea. I would love to use this.

  • mike says:

    this is ideal for people like who take forever to finish their drinks. brilliant!

  • Rose says:

    Oh very very nice. Good bye warm beers….!

  • sara says:

    Sigh…this one really raises your hopes. i hope it makes it to the markets!

  • Jamie says:

    hey this will indeed be the best seller the day it makes its debut in the market. i want three!

  • kim says:

    very very interesting. If this works…nothing like it. Should be one made for the hot drinks as well!

  • fiona says:

    I hope this one is light on the pockets. And yes how about making one for the hot drinks?

  • zippyflounder says:

    As I said a cute but technically flawed idea. You are moving heat, so to chill the beverage you are going to have to have a temp difference between the air and the “stick”. If you consider any transistor, or even a refrigerator what do you see, a big finned thing that allows the air to cool the heat sink its associated device. Here is a link to the equation http://formulas.tutorvista.com/physics/heat-transfer-formula.html so in the end you have a neat looking swizzle stick.

  • TeeJay says:

    Guys read the advertisement, it doesn’t cool your drink, you still need ice in your drink! All it apparently does is remove the melted ice water from your drink so that you can enjoy a undiluted single malt scotch!

  • eddd222 says:

    @TeeJay, are you serious or just trolling?
    did YOU read the advertisement? If you read the “problem & our story”, it states:

    The chilling sip strick is the digital stick which helps people cool and drink the beverage without the ice. The cooling panel in the front side of the bottom of the stick makes the beverage cold and lets people drink the beverage without the change of the taste.

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