Your Health and Waste Guru

Just a few minutes ago I got finished writing a concept for the year 2021. Now I am writing this project which is meant for the home of 2050. Dear designers – where do you get these years from? Love, Chris. Now let’s talk about this project. It’s called “Rejuven8” and it’s made to save the world by providing you, the user, with both a recipe and health database paired with intelligent waste recovery technology. Reduce waste, slow the demise of the human world. Totally simple.

Made to sit on your counter, the counter you’ve got in your kitchen bench or workspace inside your urban home. It’s an LCD screen from whens you can retrieve recipes and meal suggestions whilst cooking. But that’s not all. Rejuven8 connects wirelessly to other products in the home “that perform internal and external biometric analysis of each occupant then send daily updates to the food database.” Terrifying, yet exciting.

And here’s where the fun begins. When you’re done eating, you put your scraps, (animal bones, that nasty mix of corn and syrup, beets,) into Rejuven8’s bin where it’s deconstructed by an artificial stomach into basic materials, some at a molecular level. From there, useable materials are reconstructed into nutrients and minerals and stored, while the useless materials are vaporized into carbon powder and collected for removal.

And what happens to that reconstructed material? Well, once you make and fill your plate with your NEXT meal, just place it under the over-hang at the front of Rejuven8 and wait. What will happen? Rejuven8 recognizes you, displays your health status update, and sprays a fine mist of your needed nutrients onto the food you’re about to eat. With no no added aftertaste or residue!

Health science is magic!

Designer: Andrew Godin