Vapor Bath

The Vapo hopes to bridge the gap between lathering up with suds to washing them out. We tend to let the shower run even when we are soaping up and this is mainly because we want to feel the warm spray whist we lather. Its blatant waste of water, but we do it! No excuses mister! The Vapo provides vapor (or a warm mist) to keep us warm and damp, thus reducing the amount of water used in a single shower. Super excellent I tell ya!

Designers: Students of ZheJiang University


  • Jen says:

    interesting…especially with winter approaching…this sounds like a tempting buy.

  • Ki-peum says:

    love it…great idea!

  • afshan says:

    genius! i need and want this. Brilliant

  • sara says:

    brrr…already dreading the winters….this is a great idea indeed!

  • Ji-hye says:

    I hate to turn off the shower even for a second….this creation is just brilliant! saves water and keeps you warm!

  • jerry says:

    will the vapour actually keep you warm? I wonder.

  • gogreen says:

    it saves water so I like it.

  • Ha-neul says:

    is this available in the market now?

  • Hyun-woo says:

    i like this! thumbs up!

  • Erik says:

    Great job, but in this case the steam had to come from down, because steam rises because of your weight.

  • Alex Smith says:

    This is not an invention!

    It’s common sense, that in order for the body to get soaped, either it has to be liquid soap, or something that puts out steam! To wet the body, and so that, the soap can melt when you apply it on yourself!

    So what’s the new part about this?

    We already know, the bar soap, wont apply to the persons body unless, there is moisture on the person, by which the soap gets wet and applicable!

    This is a known fact, before we discovered, that steam is produced when water boils at 100*C(212*F)! 🙂

    This is nothing new! We all know that water is left to run, so that the dry soap can stick to the body, and that is just a waste of water! As the soap is dry, it needs moisture to melt and thus be appplicable on the body!

    But we also have liquid body soap, that foams up alot!

    So, unless the person has only bar soap in his/her bathroom, i don’t really seed a need to purchase this!



  • Gilberto Rezende - RS, Brazil says:

    It is a new concept, a Colombo’s egg, an idea that we think, how anyone find this solution before ?
    And the execution Design 10 !
    I hope this concept became a real consumer product soon…
    And I could buy one for me, here in Brazil…

    Very GOOD, Indeed…

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