The World’s First COOL Wheelchair

Inspired by a spinal injury of his own, designer Andrew Florence set out to redesign the wheelchair as we know it. The result is the Carbon Black Wheelchair. Made by F1 engineers from F1 spec carbon fiber, the sleek and sexy design aims to not only enhance usability with lightness and rigidity, but change the existing perceptions of wheelchairs and their users. It’s the ultimate in medical mobility for independent users to whom style matters as much as practicality. I hope I never need one, but if I do… I hope I’m rolling in this!

Carbon fiber proved to be the ideal material as the chair had to be minimal and lightweight as well as robust enough for everyday use. The unique monocoque design can be built to bespoke measurements. This monocoque structure also does not have a separate frame – the seat itself is a key part of the structure, creating the strongest, stiffest chair possible, using the least components possible.

Designer: Andrew Slorance


  • Yi says:

    COOL!!! We need more wheelchair like this! Well, I hope I dont need it.

  • Ki-peum says:

    sleek and smart.

  • Phil says:

    Kudos to the designer for considering the needs of those who struggle with wheelchairs. This is really good.

  • gogreen says:

    wow….F1 engineers have contributed to this….it definitely does not get better than this.

  • Ko-woon says:

    what a sleek and smart design….kudos to the designer.

  • Kim says:

    brilliant beyond words. thumbs up to the genius behind this creation.

  • Hyun-woo says:

    speechless. This has warmed my heart.

  • Kevin says:

    wow and double wow! but wont this be expensive given the expensive materials?

  • huma says:

    genius! the thought and the design!


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  • Nahue says:

    How about costs? is it affordable for handicapped people?

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