Tea Delight

The art of making tea is a ritual that is sacred to many. Special brew masters undergo rigorous training on how to make the perfect cuppa. For the uninitiated people like me, we have setups like this “Teapot The Dew”, a tea making process that uses the dew and tea leaves brewing in an enclosed glass pot. Take a look….

Designer: Zhang Hongxin


  • Ki-peum says:

    looks beautiful…

  • gogreen says:


  • Ha-neul says:

    I am in love with the beautiful design…

  • Kim says:

    i love tea….i love this!

  • Ji-hye says:

    I think this will be rather time consuming..

  • Kelly says:

    this looks so pretty!

  • huma says:

    yes how does it work some more details on the functionality please

  • greenisme says:

    details on availability

  • Jen says:

    the concept and idea is beautiful…but I doubt the functionality….

  • chanel ????? says:

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  • Elphi says:

    Is this just like a coffee percolator but for tea? Wouldn’t the boiling water scorch the leaves and create a bitter taste? Interesting idea nonetheless.

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  • hasabulloah says:

    very nice

  • Tony Chan says:

    Where can this be bought?

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