Time For A Griffin Emblem Watch

No matter how many digital versions you may get, none can replace the romanticism of owning a mechanical watch. It has the advantage of living through generations, and being passed on the family as a legacy. The showcasing of the movement through a skeletonized dial, the magic of the construction … irreplaceable! Perhaps this is why we encourage innovations like the Griffin Emblem Watch.

The Legend of a Watch

Griffin Emblem embodies the sentiments of being courageous, determined and living in the future. Inspired by the legend of Griffin, which in Greek mythology is a lion’s body with an eagle’s head. French designer Alain Recuze and his team have a winner in their hands, with this super mechanical watch; the precise mechanical movement is visible through the skeletonized dial.

The 316L stainless steel case houses a Citizen Miyota Movement; it is one of the few high quality mechanical movements that can challenge the famous Swiss-made ETA mechanical movement!

To sum it up, here is a watch that represents fashion, style and the grounding of a mechanical watch. It’s the kinds that you would want to wear now and pass on to the next generation. Currently in its PreOrder Phase and at affordable pricing, get yours here.

Specifications of Griffin Emblem automatic watches:

  • All 316L Stainless Steel
  • Miyota 82S0 / 82S5 Automatic Movement (Made in Japan)
  • Vibration Frequency: 21600 vibrations per hour
  • Jewels: 21 Jewels
  • Exhibition Back
  • Genuine Leather Strap
  • Mineral Cystal
  • Approx. band width: 22-20mm
  • Approx. case diameter: 45mm
  • Water-resistant to 5 ATM (50 meters)
  • For Men & Women

Designer: Alain Recuze [ Buy it Here ]


  • VIETVET says:

    Miyota is one of the best movements you can buy for the least money. they are very robust , and last a long time. They are much like Seiko, very reliable , if you keep them serviced every so often. I have Miyotas that are 20 years old, and never been serviced , and they still run great. I have had Seikos that were older than 30 years, and never needed a servicing. So yes, more than likely , The Griffin Emblem will be a good buy.

  • flipangle says:

    That’s a great looking watch at a great price.

  • R/T Hemi says:

    This watch looks really nice in person, in fact Citizen-Miyota is today the world’s top producer of mechanical-automatic movements. Their Grade 82S5 compares favorably to the venerable ETA 2824 in durability and time-keeping abilities.

  • Grommit says:

    That’s gorgeous.

  • Chenz says:

    wowie.. I am all for mechanical movements. love this piece.

  • Kevin says:

    a beauty. I wish somebody would gift me this!

  • Jen says:

    Bespoke! gorgeous! the perfect accessory for any man!

  • In-jung says:

    I am not a fan of mechanical movements. But this one is a beauty nonetheless.

  • Christina says:

    I want to try this one out!

  • Ji-hye says:

    There are some timepieces that leave you speechless…this one is one of them. If you can afford it…buy it!

  • afshan says:

    The holiday season is only two months away…I know this one is going on my wishlist!

  • freya says:

    I am getting my husband to buy me this! so beautiful!

  • Phil says:

    I have never owned a Griffin Emblem timepiece…maybe this could be m first. rather stunning.

  • skywatch says:

    Thanks very much for the photo, its a nice watch looks really handsome and seems to be a good bang for the buck… I’m not going to be able to resist the temptation… I think I’ll order one in a few days….

  • Fabio Anderaos says:

    It is an amazing collection!

  • ahchard says:

    the Miyota movement is reliable and great for this price :D.

  • pedro says:

    I really like the design of the watch its elegant designs seems very very good

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  • iamvintage says:

    Not a fan of skeleton watches but this is a beauty!

  • James Martin says:

    absolutely incredible art form watch making…

  • foghorn says:

    The miyota is bullet proof, I’ve got several watches with this movement and the accuracy is as good as the ones with swiss movements,but the sweeping isn’t as smooth.

  • eddie says:

    From experience, I have found the Miyota to be more stable than the Seiko-5 even tho it’s a few pennies cheaper (at our end). I feel that the cheapness of the Miyota is due to the larger output numbers rather than any other reason.

    If ETA are not careful they could slowly lose the bottom-end of the European market to Miyota over the next few years. (Haven’t we been here before?)

  • Bergarn says:

    Re Eddie:
    Miyota makes far more watch movements than ETA does in a year. They have an excellent reputation for making movements that are long lasting, innovative and very accurate. I would focus more on what the watch looks like and how it fits. It will keep time for decades with a motor from Citizen, Seiko or Swatch (ETA) inside.

  • OvrSteer says:

    Probably the nicest looking open heart I’ve seen.

  • absolutely incredible art form watch making…

  • OvrSteerMichael Weare says:

    Very nice design.

  • lp1974 says:

    It’s a cool looking watch man.

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