Plug-and-Print 3D!

Micro is the first TRULY consumer 3D printer. It’s been redesigned to fit comfortably at home so anyone can enjoy the 3D printing experience. It’s as colorful and fun as it is beautifully minimal… an aesthetic that’s spot-on with its consumer friendliness, ease of use and, best of all, affordability. With pre-orders starting at just $349, it’s within reach for just about everyone! Own it here!

With Micro Motion Technology, 3D printing has never been easier! Its plug-and-print with an ultra-modern software interface that allows you to scroll through ready-to-print digital objects. At the core of this technology is a microchip embedded within the print head that provides precision motion information, making the Micro so precise and robust that all you have to do is click print and watch it go.

Designer: Team M3D