Minimalist Wallet Case or iPhone Cover – You Decide

There have been several occasions where I’ve walked out of the house with just my iPhone and forgetting to carry cash or cards. Trivial as this may sound, inevitably Murphy’s Law kicks in and it’s on these cashless occasions that turn out to be the ones that I needed money the most. With the QUICKDRAW Phone Wallet, HUSKK assures me that I will never be in such situations again.

Why The QUICKDRAW Phone Wallet Case?

With so many other options out there, why the QUICKDRAW Phone Wallet Case … to uncover more and get this question answered, I asked the HUSKK team the question and this is what they had to say, “HUSKK is much more than just slimming – it’s about cultivating the discipline to carry only what you need in everyday life, and to clear out excess baggage for better living. Phones are getting larger. Your pocket isn’t. Something’s got to give. Make the wallet smaller or better still, get rid of it all together!”

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As Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook puts it, when asked on Charlie Rose about benefits of not carrying a wallet, “Nobody really wants to carry a wallet, you dont need another thing you need to remember to put it in your pants…you dont need another thing you can loose”.

HUSKK is a marriage of functional quality and design and the QUICKDRAW Phone Wallet is designed around a user carrying just a smartphone, the most intimate personal item you have in your pocket today.

“Crafted from high-end Italian vegetable tanned leather, which is the material of choice. It is a resourceful material, while at the same time natural and personal. This leather will develop rich unique patina and age nicely with time, making the relationship with your favorite everyday carry piece even more intimate.”


  • The design offers phone protection and handsome wallet, which carries up to 8 cards instead of just 3 or 4.
  • There is an additional slot for cash and a “quick-access” card for pure convenience.
  • High-performance neodymium N52 grade magnet is concealed inside the case.
  • Leather layers are blended with a protective PC shell in an innovative and ergonomic way, which increases durability and improves user experience.
  • Patent pending design

Designer: HUSKK [ Buy it Here ]