NOOKRONO, Chronograph Watch by Nooka

You know I’m a huge fan of Nooka, purveyor of the most unique watches you can decorate your wrist with, but all their timepieces were digital, until now. The NOOKRONO is their first chronograph and true to Nooka form, it’s eye catching and minimalistic while retaining a sexy level of futurism.

The movement is neither Swiss or Japanese. Nooka has taken all aspects of engineering in-house. Not an easy task but their attention to detail and craftsmanship is reassuring. All hands will move smoothly around that beautiful face. I personally love the NOOKRONO MULTI (blue and orange) and the NOOKRONO NIGHT (black with stainless steel band).

So how do you get one? It’s already reach its funding goal on Indiegogo eclipsing its original 10k goal 6x. With 30 days left on the “clock” (bad pun I know), that means you still have time to get yours and lock in the special price. This is not a paid advertisement. I’m just a fan who loves the design. I don’t even wear watches but I’ll wear the hell out of these.

And if you’re wondering when you’ll get them – Decemberish 2014… what a nice holiday gift!

Designer: Nooka, Indiegogo

NOOKRONO from NOOKA on Vimeo.