Leather Goods for the Purist

Almost all leather goods are made by cutting with knives or die cut, then stitched or glued together, & finally embossed or imprinted with a name or logo. PACT leather cases are entirely different! Inspired by origami, architect Darrin Griechen has created a process whereby leather is cut into extremely precise patterns using computer-guided lasers, & then woven & folded together by hand. No thread, glue or hardware. This “unimaterial” construction method allows for pieces that are both strong & durable. With no other materials to wear out, they also age beautifully.

The PACT minimalism extends to how each piece is branded. You won’t find a name or logo anywhere. Instead, a small discreet dot pattern is laser-engraved into each piece. The pattern is different for every owner so no two are alike.

Designer: Darrin Griechen


  • marc says:

    wrong url for the guy’s site, it’s .cm not .com

  • TIA-568 SET says:

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  • paul rebuck says:

    wow…simply superb. The way leather is delicately poised makes for an amazing viewing. Kudos to the team for innovating concepts.

    New-age leather companies are creating different and unique styles of leather products. This is important for saving the lost art of vintage, classical leather products.

    Peers like Soulful Collection, VidaVida, Scaramanga etc are taking the step forward to present genuine leather items in an interesting way. for example soulful collection is 100% naturally processed…so u get an eco-friendly leather!

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