Leather Goods for the Purist

Almost all leather goods are made by cutting with knives or die cut, then stitched or glued together, & finally embossed or imprinted with a name or logo. PACT leather cases are entirely different! Inspired by origami, architect Darrin Griechen has created a process whereby leather is cut into extremely precise patterns using computer-guided lasers, & then woven & folded together by hand. No thread, glue or hardware. This “unimaterial” construction method allows for pieces that are both strong & durable. With no other materials to wear out, they also age beautifully.

The PACT minimalism extends to how each piece is branded. You won’t find a name or logo anywhere. Instead, a small discreet dot pattern is laser-engraved into each piece. The pattern is different for every owner so no two are alike.

Designer: Darrin Griechen