Laundry Gets Dynamic

The Dynamo is a fabric sterilizer that syncs with the everyday lifestyle of its user. It’s a small handy washing machine for one to three garments, which works on Kinetic Energy. You simply load the machine and wind it up. As it slowly winds down (in a bouncing motion), it steam-washes the laundry batch, making you save on resources like water, electricity, money and time. In fifteen minutes flat, you have freshly laundered clothes and good to go!

  • Dynamo sterilizes the garments with steam and electrical polarized spheres to absorb dirt. No water is needed.
  • It functions with electricity obtained from kinetic energy transformed by its spring and dynamo mechanism when user winds it up.
  • The machine has a light ring in the front to indicate when clothes are ready and to be ambiance light.
  • The Dynamo is one of the Top 35 Shortlisted entries from the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Competition.

Designer: Manuel Melendrez