Coffee Addict Writes About Tea

The good thing about YD is that you get to cover stuff that you may not really enjoy, but heck if it’s a great design, why not share it with others. For instance many of you readers must be addicted to your java to get charged, but will that stop you from appreciating Enso Tea Percolator? Keeping with the traditional sensibilities of brewing the perfect cuppa, this three-piece tea percolator works pretty much like the moka espresso pot.

Designer: Jeffrey S. Engelhardt

Here’s how to make your fix:
Water in the bottom cup boils over a stove and rises up to the mid-section. This section also acts like a filter and is the place you keep the tealeaves. After you’re done with the brewing, just pour the drink straight up from Enso.

You won’t scorch your hands dears, cause the whole this is wrapped with a classy piece of wood.
Glass and wood is a neat combo, but it doesn’t guarantee a tasty cuppa tea!
Wicked! Try some espresso then!