Coffee Addict Writes About Tea

The good thing about YD is that you get to cover stuff that you may not really enjoy, but heck if it’s a great design, why not share it with others. For instance many of you readers must be addicted to your java to get charged, but will that stop you from appreciating Enso Tea Percolator? Keeping with the traditional sensibilities of brewing the perfect cuppa, this three-piece tea percolator works pretty much like the moka espresso pot.

Designer: Jeffrey S. Engelhardt

Here’s how to make your fix:
Water in the bottom cup boils over a stove and rises up to the mid-section. This section also acts like a filter and is the place you keep the tealeaves. After you’re done with the brewing, just pour the drink straight up from Enso.

You won’t scorch your hands dears, cause the whole this is wrapped with a classy piece of wood.
Glass and wood is a neat combo, but it doesn’t guarantee a tasty cuppa tea!
Wicked! Try some espresso then!


  • R says:

    Hm.. Well, the idea is nice but i am unsure how well it will work. The principle seems to be taken from the Moka stovetop coffe machine (i.e. Bialetti). The problems i can see here is that there is no valve for the air pressure, and since its glass it would probably explode without one. Secondly, the handle is very cool looking but not to functional – the user Will burn itself when touching. The wood protects the hand a little bit, but when the fingers touch the rest of the glass surface (as seen on the last image) it will be a hot moment 🙂

    All in all, great looks but unfortunately to little research around the system, how it works etc. The designer could easily have bought a cheap Ikea Moka and tested it out and see the problems/dificulties with it to help the process of the functions.

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    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  • CharlyR says:

    Though a beautiful design I can’t see how this could work at all. A few questions:

    1. How is this thing supposed to stay together?
    2. Why should the water rise through the middle part when it’s heated?
    3. What prevents the tea from flowing back down?
    4. How does this thing stay together?

    I don’t think that it needs a valve since the pressure here probably wouldn’t get as high as in a mocca machine. But then how would this thing stand any pressure at all anyway?

  • prodmod says:

    yeah, if you look at the espresso Moka pot there is a tup in the top part that the coffee flows through and spills over into the top container so it cant fall back down. The above design does not have this.
    ditto on the valve issue.
    ditt on assembly issue.
    ditto on the wood issue.
    wood is an insulator but that doesnt mean it wont get hot. and its not wrapped around its entirety. Its better if the wood is a handle away from the heat, but then it wont look as pretty 😉
    Also I only see one filter screen. So the tea leaves wont fall down into the boiling water but wont they get all up in my tea? I like tea without tea leaves to munch on.

    but hey, looks cool.

    the rendering is beautiful. what program are you using?

  • K-Funky says:

    It took me 5-7 mins to read and understand how it’s gonna work (if it work)…Design good but presentation is very bad.

  • […] Coffee Addict Writes About Tea […]
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  • aris says:

    If tea infuses for too long, tanine is released making the infusion bitter.

    I can’t see how this pot can stop the tea from steeping for too long. Common problem with “new” teapots.

    Whole-leaf tea has been gaining popularity as people rediscover its goodness and a prospective market can be identified. As a designer catering to them, you need to make sure you really respect the subject you are designing for.

    How will you stop the tea from infusing after 2-3 minutes??

  • Carl says:


  • MadCow says:

    yea im gonna have to say that this thing is pretty fugly. sorry.

  • Jonas Forsberg says:

    It would be impossible to get that finnish on a fixed-blown piece of glass without using acid polishing. That is time-consuming and expensive not to mention how enviromentally unfriendly that would be. This is therefore a clear case of rendering madness and the end result is at best a nice picture but hardly a great piece of product design.

  • Michael Karlsson says:

    I was thinking of writing a comment here but think that Mr Forsberg has brought up the main concerns about the design.

  • karl says:

    the front and back views do look like some funky wooden female shoes, possibly a better angle for this “idea.”

  • Mitch says:

    the logo and text let the graphics down, kill the text boxes and make font smaller.

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