Visible Crossing

The Smart Crosswalk is a great way to ensure minimum pedestrian accidents when they use the crosswalk. Basically the crosswalk changes to red as soon as someone sets foot on it. The crosswalk is laced with sensors and during poor visibility (or night), it bears a hint of white illumination, making it perfectly visible to both pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

The construction design of Smart Crosswalk includes:

  • Sealed metal box with light elements installed inside, which are set in the cradle, formed in the roadway.
  • Splicers modules from enforced light-transmitting glass with relief on the topside for safe movement and relief on the inner side to improve the light-diffusing qualities of the product.
  • Frames made of metal profile for fixing the whole construction to the pavement.
  • Incoming electrical supply can be organized differently: from the municipal electric network; with the help of light or heat accumulators or by installations that convert kinetic energy into electricity.

Designer: Alexey Chugunnikov