The External Green House

The Garden Pod has one big thing working in its favor – it utilizes the external walls of a dwelling rather than clamoring for space indoors. This modular green house is designed so that it can be fitted onto exteriors of a building and can take advantage of the natural energy sources. A handy app allows you to control the setting of the pod and also relays essential information such as which vegetable is ripe enough and how much compost is available.

The Garden Pod transforms organic garbage into compost and even calculates the percentage of nutrients each plant needs. The Pod is capable of growing nano bionic sprouts that develop into fresh vegetables in a short span of 24 hours. The over-ripe vegetables get turned into compost automatically. Interestingly, this concept is one of the short-listed Top 35 entries of the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Designer: Ovidiu Subțire