Just Mobile Gum++ and AluFrame, Metal Goodies!

Another day, another slew of accessories for the best phone in the world. THERE, I said it. You hate me now? They’re just electronic gigety-gadgets. No need for fanboism. Hug it out. With that said, the best phone in the world got a little better with the addition of the AluFrame and Gum++ both from Just Mobile. Y’all know I’m honest so hit the jump for my review.

Designer: Just Mobile

What are they? The Gum++ is a high capacity battery backup for your phone, not necessarily iPhone. It’ll work with anything that can suck up juice via USB but they do coincidentally come in the 3 colors currently available with the 5s – just saying. Inside is a 6000mAh battery with enough capacity to charge up your phone 3x. In practice, I found that to be true although my phone was never less than 1/4 empty before I went in for a refill. The Gum++ itself is quite small and surprisingly lightweight. Solid metal construction with a convenient row of LEDS to indicate how much power is left. I never saw much need for a battery backup until I was stuck in an airport and instead of sitting on the floor next to the two outlets LAX has (seriously tho?), I just whipped out this little thing and all was right in the world.

The AluFrame is an aluminum bumper that wraps around the iPhone 5 and 5s in one piece using a clever latch and lock system. Most bumpers come in two pieces that slide together. The AluFrame feels more solid because of its one piece construction. It too comes in array of colors that match the iPhone. It even has a textured brushed surface just like the iPhone. All your phone’s functions are retained. In use, the AluFrame does what it’s supposed to. I especially appreciate how the inside is lined with rubber. My only gripe is how much bulkier it made my phone feel. As I said, I’m totally honest. I even reached out to Just Mobile and explained how the AluFrame is much thicker than a comparable metal bumper from another company. Just Mobile countered with a challenge; drop both phones in their respective cases and see which one holds up. Touché. I did not take the challenge. I’m scared like that.

In a nutshell, the Gum++ is definitely worth the $70 if you’re someone who is always on the go and needs a battery backup. The AlumFrame offers great protection but at also $70, is a tad steep. However like Just Mobile pointed out, you do get what you pay for – an immaculately constructed case for an immaculately constructed phone.

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