Sweet Buggy For Two

The Trans Pro CX features an innovative interiors solution for the one fixed seat cabin in vehicles. As the designer explains, for the requirement of working in different countries with diverse traffic regulations (left and right sides driving), an extra ‘half seat’ for passenger or guide may be required. To seat the extra person a folding chair has been designed. The seat gets folded away when only driver is occupying the cabin.

Zihao Wang elaborates, “In my final concept, I place the main chair on the tool box and the extra seat on the back rest of the cabin with sliding tracks. So in this way I solved the problem of separate suspension for both seats and we can put different layout as you want in the cabin. The reason I do this is for the fact that I have removed steering wheel in the front so we have more space in between. And I have put the control module on the handle of the main chair, which fit for the future design trend of this kind of vehicle.”

Designer: Zihao Wang


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