Bathroom Cube

The Q-Compact Toilet could very well become the synonym of compact. It’s essentially a cube that fits in everything – washbasin, toilet, water storage tank, shower – the works! The washbasin’s faucet doubles up as a retractable shower and can be used in such a way that you can take a head-shower without having to take a full-body bath. Why? Well some women like to wash their hair in the sink, so this is for them!

The bathroom system comes with cartridges containing water additives to purify water and the water from the washbasin is filtered and collected in a storage tank of 60 liters located below it.

Right below the washbasin is a storage cabin that can store wet and dry items. The wet storage can be opened only during a shower and the dry storage cabin features a ultra-violet lighting system to help maintain hygiene.

Designers: Jin Jin Ren, Krit Jiratkaruen, Sheng Zhang and Vamsi Krishna Muralidharan

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