Year-round Seasoning for Domestic Kitchens

Imagine having access to fresh herbs 24×7 via an under-counter herb solution! The Electrolux ‘Herb Garden’ Concept does just that and it provides us the luxury of a self-replenishing indoor garden that expands our cooking capabilities. This hydroponic concept brings year-round seasoning to the domestic kitchen. One of the key ingredients to good cooking is herbs, they add wholesome flavours that are delicately distinguished by their aroma and taste.

As Electrolux explains, Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water and without soil. The Electrolux Herb garden features two different trays where seeds can be sown and grown, or just host pre-grown plants purchased. In essence it also doubles up as a store refrigeration unit. The self-replenishing herbs will not only brighten any kitchen but will facilitate expanded cooking capabilities.

Designer: Electrolux

[youtube: 600 451]

In a short video clip, Paulo Pettenuzzo, from the Electrolux Grand Cuisine team shares his ‘Secret Ingredient’ to working with herbs to get the best flavour. Check it out.

[youtube: 600 451]