Ultimate Transparency

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Apple Keyboard, but I hate the fingerprint marks that my daily usage leaves on it. According to a research the amount of germs found on the keyboard is 60 times more than that on the toilet! To take care of these two issues we have here the UVLightBoard concept. The keyboard uses a transparency panel as the main structure.

The technology used is of microstructures on an optical light guide that gives it the perfect illumination for buttons. This means users can type comfortably in any condition. The UV light guided inside UVLightBoard will irradiate germs adhered to the panel and sterilize it by the FTIR phenomenon.

The UVLight Board is a 2014 iF Design Awards – Concept Design entry.

Designer: Mu-Chern Fong


  • Fingerprints on an Apple keyboard? I think you’ll see many more fingerprints on that transparent keyboard…

    Cool design, though! Not sure if the UV-aspect would work. Has the designer done research in the required intensity of the UV-light?

    It would also use quite a bit of energy. Making it of a copper alloy (go the steampunk route instead of sci-fi) would give it antibacterial properties without it using energy

  • J. Baher says:

    I don’t much care about fingerprints or bacteria. This thing just simply is very cool!

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