A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners

Its an exciting time for the award winners of the A’ Design Awards & Competition. The results are out and it is time to crack open the champagne bottle! In essence, the awards are for designers, innovators and companies that deserve the attention of media, publishers and buyers. A’Design Award is a great opportunity for designers to have a jump in their careers, so here is a look at some of the winners!

Laxart Museum Transmedia Rebranding by Young Joo Tak

Zeitgeist Clock by Dmitry Pogorelov

Le Maestro Modern Dress Loafer by Herman Delos Santos

Osteoid Medical Cast, Attachable Bone Stimulator by Deniz Karasahin

Script Clock by Philip Wong

Tensegrity Space Frame Lighting Structure by Michal MacIej Bartosik

Steam Tea Maker by Hakan Gürsu

Cast Hood by Arcelik Design Team & Patricia Urquiola

Forest Lodge Eco House Eco House by Chris Knierim

Any 202 Tablet For K-12 Education by Jp-Inspiring Knowledge

Food Feeder Plus Food Feeder by Justin Cheung

Conspiracy-Sandal Shaped Jewels-Luxury Shoes by Gianluca Tamburini

Elastomeric Technology Collection Swim Goggles by Speedo Usa Erika Gentry, Barry McGeough, Craig Stiff

Ajorí Cruet. Condiment Container by Carlos Jimenez Perez & Pilar Balsalobre

Intermarine 48 High Speed Boat by Viviane Nicoletti

Eva Tea Set Teapot and Teacups by Maia Ming Fong

Icon E-Flyer Electric Bicycle by Jonathan Ward

M Lamp Lamp by David Irwin

Black Shadow H-E Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Motorcycle by Mark Norton Menendez

Cogito Watch Bluetooth Connected Watch by Connectedevice Ltd

Only Right Here Knife Holder by Alan Saga

Ttmm (after Time) Watchface Apps Collection by Albert Salamon

Enticed? How about you join the next edition A’ Design Awards & Competition? They are featuring great discounts during 27-30 April 2014, using the earliest bird period fees. Get to know more about the winners and awards here.


  • Baised says:

    LOVE this other design that won!.

    Truly sustainable and a real product. Luxury cushions for the Herman Miller Aeron that improve ergonomics!

    Here’s a link to it at the A’Design Awards:


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