Sanitary Hand Saver

We’ve all thought about it: you use a public restroom, wash your hands and then have to touch an unsanitary doorknob to leave the restroom?! Gross. It’s no secret that not everyone who touches that doorknob is washing their hands. Ewwww. What’s the point in washing your hands anyway?! The Foot Latch was designed with this problem in mind. After you’re finished doing your business, just use your foot to unlatch the door and go on your way with fresh and clean hands!

Designer: Behzad Rashidizadeh


  • Joe Chen says:

    Excuse me, I got some questions:

    1.Where is your design applied? the restroom’s door or the stall’s door? Your description at the beginning told me that you use it on the former but your following images looks like the later.

    2.There absolutely are restrooms (even the public restrooms)with a door that separating the restroom and the outside environment, so people must through the door after washing hands. How to prevent people touching the doorknob(suppose it exist)? using the same way?

    I like your idea but some points caught me, hoping my questions can be useful to you.(or I just misunderstood your design…)

  • How does one lock the door so other people know not to open the door?

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