Walls To Climb

I have always been a fan of fitness and find the Nova Climbing Wall an interesting way to integrate workout installation into the interior design of a home. Essentially, Nova is a climbing wall with a compelling interactive interface. The wall includes panels with pattern-cut-outs, which replace the colored holds of regular training walls. Climbing routes, difficulty levels and routes are flexibly indicated through light and can be selected via the Smartphone App.

When not in use, you can create a modern ambiance just by the play of lights.

Nova is a 2014 iF Design Award – Gold Winner.

Designer: Lunar


  • Unfortunately, as intriguing as this idea is, the designer has failed to research into climbing/ gyms. Climbing holds can’t always be replicated via cracks in the wall… They generally need to protrude out from the wall….

    I am both an Industrial Designer, and active climber/ mountaineer

  • Lucas says:

    I see a lot of severed fingers in the future of this design.

  • stephen russell says:

    Redesign & use for cruise ships, hotels, spas, resorts, condoes, apts, homes alone
    & for every Gym in the US

  • This 4 to 5 foot auger with a curved, tubular hand is similar to a snake and
    works the same way. The possibilities are endless with
    today’s line of hardware, woodworking and project supplies.
    The important thing is to a step closer to the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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