Smart and Original iPhone Dock

iPhones, due to their massive production volumes, cannot afford to wear a design that reflects the personality of its individual users. Hence the uni-sexual, personality neutral, clean geometric design. Legit. But why should its third party aftermarket accessories mimic the same impersonal design? Even when the novelty factor associated with the iphone form is wearing off? In a market flooded with M’apple ( I’m Apple too! ) products, the ‘Infinity Dock, is a breath of fresh air. Unlike their metrosexual counterparts, this sharp featured, meched up, all metal iPhone dock is unapologetically masculine in a refined manner.

Designed by Thomas Wietecki and Zack Cram, the Infinity Dock is intended to be a mechanical desktop sculpture. Manufactured at their own machine shop, the two piece Aluminum dock comes in multiple finishes and colors. A finely knuckled anodized aluminium screw holds the unique door mechanism for cable management. Its micro suction pads enable firm grip on smooth surfaces and the custom mini USB port enables the dock to serve your other devices too.

Designers: Thomas Wietecki and Zack Cram

Guest Post by Akhil T.