All-In-One Wall Accessory

A minimalist hanger/charger/organizer, the Dutchman breathes new life into the joint of the same name used for centuries in utilitarian woodworking. Sliding “dutchmen” make it truly customizable so you can make it work for all your needs. Learn more about its specially sourced wood —>

Using both walnut and river-recovered pine, the Dutchman completely originates in North Carolina, USA. The walnut is sourced from naturally fallen trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC while the river pine is resurrected in Wilminton, NC. The river pine or “old growth pine” was cut more than 150 years ago. Because the trees are slow growing and so dense with pitch, many of them sank to the bottom of the Cape Fear River as they were transported to the nearest mill. When the mills along the river closed in the early 1900s, these sunken trees were forgotten in the muddy bottom. Using sonar, the sunken logs are resurrected and given new life.

Designer: The Wood Studio